Crazy spring beetles

Hello everyone. This month I am a guest in the shabbypickledesigns.
 Is pleased to present you my new spring kit. Spring is the perfect time of year, all in bloom, rastiteltny and fauna alive and there are wonderful bugs. All that you see in my kit Crazy spring beetles. I hope you like my crazy and very cute bugs

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I'm Like A Bird

It's been a while since our last year project. Today, we give you a wonderful multipart collab presented by the 7th Heaven designers.
Each of us has prepared a part and you can choose which ones you like best and put together an amazingly original kit.
Join us and let's welcome spring together. I'm sure you all love the breeze of fresh air and birds singing above your heads. It's the best part of the morning when you can hear them sing. That's why the main theme of the collab were birds, spring, fresh air and the end... of winter blues. :)
See the collab section to see what did the designers put together.


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