7th Heaven is closed

7th Heaven is closed for good.
I understand that this is not good news for you and for me. But it's time to say goodbye to this store. I know that many of you are waiting for my new sets. Do not worry, I shall appear again on sale in June. In the meantime, I took a little break and make for you a new fairy tale. Will soon show you sneak peek of the new kit.


Winners berated

I thank you for your support, you will fill me with strength and desire to do more for you. Thank you for your love. I paint their sets to love, just for you. As I wrote, my son pointed a finger at those who this week will receive a gift of any of my sets, and it
Maryse Vermorel
Elena Danilets
KayBe Scraps
Simone Kandler
Елена Арутюнянц
I would like to please you all, so soon there will be new chances for you. Thank you all once again.
Girls who won, write me an email, a set that you would like to receive
grosomaha@ gmail.com

Adding yet another winner on the blog. this Жоан Маду
write me an email


Come to win any of my sets

I'm in a bad mood, I feel useless
Since my shop is not working for 2 months, I decided to remind myself. Put love on my page, please write comment and on Monday my son will choose 5 winners. Winners will choose any of my sets itself a gift. Success to you, do not forget me.


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